Friday, June 03, 2005

Post Whitsun

Lots of things have happened since my last entry. I've been caught speeding in Dunstable area - driving 40mph in 30mph zone - I honestly thought it was 40 but it isn't the case and now I've got 3 points (first time ever since I passed driving 8.5 years ago!) and a fine of 60 quid. I've requested the photographic evidence and proof of camera calibration be sent to me before I proceed with the penalty. :(

And guess what - I was issued with two parking fines on two different days - the parking is rather crowded round here and I tend to park on double yellow lines late in the night and drive away early next day. I've been doing it since we moved here two years ago. Ah well, this means I have to find a legal parking space in the future - there are always a parking space somewhere in this parking zone but it sometimes mean couple of minutes walk away. I'm so lazy - suppose this is a wake up call for me :)

Weekend was lovely - saw Twelfth Night at Royal Stratford Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon - with open captioning. It was my first experience (using open captioning/stagetext) and it is fantastic - don't need to rely on incompetent interpreters or competent interpreters with different understanding of the play which influences their translation - for the first time I'm able to engage with performance on an equal footing with the rest of the audience and for the first time I was able to follow the humour/pun and share it with Martin. It was fantastic and I'm certainly coming back again to watch other performances with open captioning. Next one is on 25th June - A Midsummers' Night Dream :)

On Sunday we didn't want to come back home so we escaped to mid-Wales!!! Martin drove all the way to Llandrindod Wells and we stayed in an old (16th century) coaching inn which was nice (but dusty!!). On Monday, we went to Hay-on-Wye where they were holding a Book festival. It was busy but had lovely time browsing for interesting books. Saw Carluccio doing his book shopping - almost approached him and say how much I loved his breakfast (We have Carluccio's restaurant a stone throw away from where we live!) but fortunately my senses came back and I didn't make a fool of myself ! :)

Anyway I'd better get on with my studying before going to meditation group this evening...

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