Friday, July 01, 2005

Greetings from Yorkshire!

Drove up to Leeds as soon Martin finished work and the car serviced! Well I didn't drive all the way up - Martin did the most of the way!

Martin is now fast asleep - knackered from motorway driving and I'm here writing this entry (managed to find a wireless service - three quid for
30 mins. Expensive I know but I don't care!)

Tomorrow Martin's off to ALDC Conference (Association of Liberal
Democrats Councillors) in Pudsey - I'll be dropping him off tomorrow
morning there and then drive to York where I shall be on a shopping
spree!!! Its my birthday weekend and it's a perfect excuse :) Martin
will meet me up later in York and we'll go out for a birthday dinner.

Martin gave me his present to me this afternoon - there wasn't any point hiding a huge packaging in our car! Its a DVD recorder with HDD - 80GB
meaning I can record up to 227 hours on its hard drive - cool or what?
I'm so over the moon - but the downside is that I can't use it until we
drive back home on Sunday - heheh :)

Gonna sleep now - night night

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