Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'm free :)

Yesterday was my last day in office at NSPCC - it wasn't as bad as I expected - few people were in office. Was able to keep goodbyes brief and simple - even got card from them - something I never expected but it doesn't change anything and I had difficult five months there - not being able to express myself freely....talking to my line manager alone was impossible as he was always mega-nervous when he is left alone with me...a very weak man I must say...but it doesn't mean he was horrible - just useless. Often I wish he was horrible - and strong so that I can kick back....but alas no - he's a weak man and I can't do anything but tiptoe around him!! Almost! However, as I said my goodbyes to David my line manager - the interpreter disappeared and we both had nice but short conversation and he was fine - I uderstood him and he understood me...and I was leaving!!!!!! Ah well!

I was suppose to go to Derby today but I'm felt I couldn't be bothered so Martin agreed to call one of my ex-colleague-to-be that I was ill and have extreme stomach upset - we even thought about telling her that I fell down the stairs (Honest - we did thought about it - but somehow it became ridiculous and decided to stick to simple excuse)!

Been washing, ironing and packing all day - martin had to catch up with OU studies this morning and posted his lastest assignment which was overdued...and now he's taking his driving lesson (whole two hours - and I felt for him when I dropped him off - he was nervous and excited at the very same time - reminds how I felt when I started to learn drive) :)

I'm so looking forward as we're going to Hemel tonight and see Alex and her gentle giant Mikeypops. I hope that I will be able to sleep tonight as we're flying to Florence tomorrow for four nights - I'm so looking forward to it - Martin and I really needed that break... :)