Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Long time no write :)

...blimey time flew so quick!

Let me see what have happened since my last entry - Martin is looking for other job. I handed in notice to leave NSPCC after working there for 4 months. I'm feeling much happier about that - I have never been happy during my first four months there - I felt that I wasn't employed by them because of my skills but because of the fact that I am 'Deaf'. I had my first appraisal and I received nothing from my line manager apart from the fact that I have contributed greatly to NSPCC as an organisation with the fact is that I am 'Deaf'!?!?! I was so greatly disappointed and felt let down by them. I decided to move on and fortunately few days before my appraisal I was short listed for this post at BBC - as In-Vision signer (interpreting programmes into BSL for BBC Sign Zone that usually screen Tues/Weds night and Weds/Thurs night every week. The interview itself was gruelling as I had to interpret three five mins long clips - all three very different from each other in terms of speed, register, mood etc... I was absolutely nervous and I could feel my knees knocking against each other (the last time I had this was when my old headmaster caught me smoking!!). After I interpreted the three clips, I thought I did well and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. The interview process after filming my interpretation for the three clips was itself as gruelling - but I felt I gave across my enthusiaism of languages and in particularly BSL.

Anyway few days after the appraisal I was offered permanent contract (3 days a week - I told them I didn't want full time). I was really overjoyed :).... where was I... oh yes - so I handed in my notice and NSPCC acted hastily and tried to make me reconsider...but I was determined and told them to get their act together with long lists of suggestions for improvement before they employ another deaf person to fill in this position which I am leaving at the end of May.

I'm excited as things are changing for me and Martin too as he is currently looking for other job - things are changing for better. :)

Another exciting news - one of my closest and dearest friend is preggers! She has been great and did well through the difficult period of her father death - and how she supported her immediate family who doesn't live nearby. I'm truly honoured to have her as my friend and for all the teachings she has given me unbeknownst to her.

Here endeth my current diary entry. :)