Sunday, October 30, 2005

I did it!!!!!

Been going to gym since Sept and began to have Personal Trainer few
weeks ago with Martin for an hour once a week.

The result is showing as I've lost 8lb in two weeks! I feel terrific!
Our Personal Trainer is not there to supervise how much activities we do
in the gym but she is there to supervise our whole lifestyle and our
eating habits through looking at our food diary.

Gym now is pure maths for me - the machine tells me how much calories
I've lost and I can work out how much calories I've lost through gym per
week - and I watch how much I eat - these two go hands in hands and its
finally working for me now. Years of fad dieting are now gone - its
pure effort - watch what you eat and exercise!

Feeling good about myself now and I hope I can keep up with the momentum :)

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