Saturday, February 04, 2006

Giorno 1° a Milano

Did not have very much sleep last night cos I had to be up at half three in the morning ready for taxi to take me to Luton airport at 4am. That's only because I had flight to Milan booked at half six in the morning *groan*!!! Let's fast-forward a bit to when I arrived at Bergamo airport - it was great as the sun was shining despite weather forcast predicting a cloudy day. Got coach to Milano - the whole experience was a bit unnerving as I was travelling on my own - first time for 10 years since I backpacked on my own around Europe!

The hotel was nice and the metro is easy to use. The 'Duomo' (cathedral) is impressive even if most of the facade is covered for restoration. The city need to get used to before one can fully relax and roam around - I don't know why I felt like that but I had opportunity to have a taster - by having a quick tour around the city and to see what's on offer.

I have confession to make - I've made too many visits to Milan's several 'librerie' - I just cannot tear myself away from these bookshops! It's not very often for me to have chance to buy 'libri italiani' from 'librerie italiane' - that's obvious because I don't live in Italy!!! :) Have made a stock of books including cookery books and I hope Martin will like them as well so that I won't feel too bad!! After dinner this evening I found a nice gelateria in Piazza del Duomo - treated myself to a tub of gelati. Even in winter - the italians adore eating them, so I don't feel bad for eating them! :) Sat in the square watching the night air swirling around the steeples of the Duomo while gorging on delicious gelati - heaven!

Bed starting to beckon and I think I'll have a good night's sleep to catch up before I can really explore Milan tomorrow :)

Buona notte e sogno d'oro.

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