Sunday, July 14, 2002

My lesson of being alone :)

Gosh - my first ever entry! :)

Today has been an experience for me. Today it just hit me that all my closest and dearest friends are abroad - Ippola in Belgium and Stace in Portugal; including my gorgeous babycake - Martin - who is in Ireland... I am alone today!!!! :)

Determined not to attempt to re-create Greta Garbo's life in her later years (she wanted it and I don't!)....I decided to pop over to Asda in my trusty old car. Sun was shining in heaven, heat sizzling from the ground - a perfect weather for relaxing alone :)

After my brisk visit at Asda - I drove back home, feeling that the car has turned funny - argh! A punctured tyre! Panic button!!! (hehe). Wanted to text Ippola - she's on mainland Europe..and she won't be of any help several hundreds of miles away!..Stace, nope -she's in Med and would not be able to help....Mart - too busy negiotating canal locks in Ireland..and beside he knows nothing about car anyway - bless his heart.. Then I thought 'ARGH' *a huge melodramatic moment fit enough for a drama queen*.....

I decided to face this challenge *alone* - so out of the car I got, to fetch the spare tyre in the boots. I was wearing my white top with cream bottoms with skimpy scandals, prone to get blackened! Anyway I changed the tyre *alone*....did it all in 40 minutes...tightening the nuts was tricky with my scandals and crowbar type thingy...but I did it *alone*!

The fact I did it *alone* I was able to achieve this challenge *alone* and overcame my fear *alone* - how liberating that was! But I didn't have anyone around to celebrate my 'indepenence'! heheh :)

I guess that was my lesson of the day - being alone for the day doesn't mean necessarily a bad can be liberating :)