Monday, July 22, 2002

The Weekend

Eeeeek! It's all over and I'm one happy bunny (watch out! - hehe).

It has been a long and painful experience - I could not stop packing and moving until so late last night - so long I got into a trance. It was it that I decided to stop! Luckily I got out of trance with help of hot shower.

I finished off this morning - throwing bits and pieces away...and packed the last box. Now its all over - got bit emotional though...I see the flat as a person...a person that I got to know over 21 months. I wonder if others think like I do?

Ippola and Mikey popped over for an hour last pick up stuff etc. Bless 'em - they brough delicious ice cream to 'celebrate' the new phase of my life including Ippola's. It was exactly last weekend a year ago that Ippola and Mikey moved out where I live (or I should say 'lived').

Got to Stace late last night after that well-deserved hot shower. Yonni and Caroline was there - we had an indian, and we all became rather philiosophical...we ended up talking til early hours of the morning!...

Saw Stace today - I got rather emotional as she left for dog-walking with just hit me that I'm leaving Reading :( I lived in Reading for 6 years and I can recall my first day here - I absolutely hated Reading, but now I love it :)

I'm here in my office to do some last minute thingy...then I'm going over to London this evening to see Mart - Yay! *Grins*