Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Phew! :)

I've been trying to send Mart text messages few times yesterday and today but the reports I received said that the messages failed to reach him.

First I thought that he could be in awkward places where no signal can be reached....but I just thought - if that is the case, the network should be able to hold on to the messages for 72 hours until his phone can pick up the signal. Why did they returned to me undelivered?

Silly me - I began to wonder if he had enough of me... or perhaps wanted to ignore me.... I thought I was overreacting yesterday...

But today, I thought something was wrong...I could not get my mind at rest but wondering what could be wrong. Perhaps he dropped his mobile phone in the canal or maybe it is stolen and the network has put stop to his SIM card... the list goes on and on.

How relieved I was when I checked my e-mail - he emailed me to say that he realised he has forgotten to pay his mobile phone bill :) silly Mart! He says he loves me very much... I need to relax! *grins*

Saw Alex earlier very briefly this morning over a cup of organic raspberry and pear juice...but will see her properly when we go for something to eat this evening - so looking forward to talking about life with her :)