Monday, July 15, 2002

Sorting out my emotional baggage...

Dearie me....the day is ending...I've spent last three hours throwing away all my stuff. I have this chest of drawers consisting three large thin drawers. Guess how many rubbish I had in these drawers = loads! I needed two black bin bags to hold them all! Mainly it is all paper... but with memories on them. Receipts, scribbles, old faxes, letters from the bank, and from my credit card company (all demanding payments!), leaflets, scribbles again, more receipts. I got rather emotional throwing them all away...they did nothing but hogged space in my drawers.

I am moving all my stuff into storage space this weekend..and I want to throw all rubbish out before I do that. My goodness, I have really got rubbish all over this flat! Why did I become comfortable living with them - the flat feels a lot better with these three drawers being empty now! :) Talking of becoming comfortable in awkward circumstances in your life... at least I've handed in my resignation last Monday... After sorting out my baggage - I now know the decision I've made is absolutely right for me now. But I don't know what jobs I will do after I leave in Septebmer - haven't looked yet! I don't know where exactly I will be staying in the next few weeks after I have moved out. Alex and Mikey have kindly offered me their spare room should I need it. I am truly grateful to have friends in my life...especially Alex - how would I cope without her :)

I better stop and chill for the night :)